Day 123 – Return to Civilization

We both slept well last night and we were greeted with smokey skies again. The visibility was less that a quarter mile. We did some research online and there were lots of reports from other hikers that most of Oregon and Northern California has really poor air quality due to the huge fires that were still burning. We made the tough decision to leave Oregon and Northern California for another year. Hiking in the smoke is not healthy and it’s really not very fun. We packed up and headed to the road to hitch into Hood River and get a rental car. From there we plan on going to Southern California to pick up our truck and start our next adventure of finding a new town to call home.

When we started out on this journey, we expected it to be about being in nature and the breathtaking views.  While the views have been amazing, we were overwhelmed with the people we’ve met from hikers to trail angels.  The kindness extended to us in the trail towns. People along the way have restored our faith in human kindness.

Thank you all for following our adventure over the last four months. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to hike over 1,500 miles of wilderness this year. Thank you to all the trail angels, fellow hikers, friends and family that have helped us in so many ways. We will be forever changed by this experience and hope to bring this new perspective with us as we return to civilization.

11 thoughts on “Day 123 – Return to Civilization

  1. Sorry to hear that conditions have forced your decision. Have really enjoyed your postings and will miss them. Sounds as if you are not alone – especially with the closure on the final stretch to the Canadian border. Lots of folks will be crushed!

    Anyhow, looking forward to more postings from you in the future.

    Best of luck and be safe!!

  2. I just want you to know it has been fun watching and reading about this amazing adventure you have been on. Blessings to you both.

  3. What an amazing journey! Life is full of hiccups and this is just one of them. Good luck on your next adventure.

  4. Hey guys, enjoyed meeting you and following your adventure. I ended up bailing at Lone Pine (mile 745) but plan on being back in the Sierras next summer. Best of wishes for the next chapter in life.

    El Chapo

  5. Hi guys. I’ve read all your posts over the last few months and enjoyed “hiking” along with you. I’m sad for you that you had to stop short of your goal, but I have no doubt you’ll finish it. You both have shown a great sense of adventure and the courage to go for it. Enjoy your time back in “civilization “, but I gather from some of your remarks that you may yearn for the great outdoors and it’s quiet beauty. Love you both.

  6. I have enjoyed reading your updates. What an amazing adventure! Enjoy your next extravaganza on your path through life! Best Wishes from Tehachapi Trail Angel Lisa.

  7. What a great blog! I’ve never hiked the PCT, but feel I have a much better understanding of the trials and tribulations thanks to your daily posts. I’ve always yearned to hike the trail, but those dang obstacles like work, mortgage, bills, etc., keep getting in the way. My fiancé’s brother is a trail angel named Madd Baker. He recently retired, sold his house, bought a new truck and travel trailer, and spent his summer sharing the love at trailheads from Mazama to Crater Lake. He told me that he had over 600 hikers sign his guestbook. We camped with him for the PCT Days in Cascade Locks (that you had just missed) and it was wonderful seeing the adoration from the hikers for the services he provides. He was like a rock star to them. I sincerely hope that you and Kim are able to finish what you started. You’ve been a true inspiration to this complete stranger from Rochester, WA. Good luck and God bless.

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