Day 121 – Lava Spring 2249.5 to Trout Lake 2228.9

We are both excited to get to town so we got up at 5:30 and were hiking by 6:30. We were by ourselves most of the morning hiking on the easy flat trail through the green tunnel of trees. We stopped at 11:30 and had a lunch of tortillas and peanut butter. 

We continued on and ran into lots of NoBo hikers who had just left Trail Days. Trail Days was a 3 day fair in Cascade Locks celebrating the PCT. We decided to skip it as it would have cost us a week of trail time. After talking with the hikers that went it sounds like we didn’t miss much.

The majority of the NoBo hikers we talked with were really upset about the trail closure at the Canadian Border. Some of them said they would walk around the closure regardless of the fire or if the trail was closed. Most of them are two weeks from the border so hopefully the trail will be open or they will set up a detour to get everyone there safely. 

We finally made it to the road and were greeted with Trail Magic! There was a group of guys that hiked the trail 2 years ago and they were nice enough to share with us hot dogs and cold sodas. We hung out with them for about an hour and were lucky enough to get a ride to town from two of them that were headed home.

They dropped us off at the general store in the town of Trout Lake and we were able to get a room for the night there. We cleaned our clothes, took baths and ate lots of food. We were both exhausted and decided to stay here tomorrow and let our tired sore feet get a break before heading back out on the trail.

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