Day 120- Cispus River 2272.9 to Lava Spring 2249.5

We work up and the first thing I did was poke my head out of the tent and we were happy to see no smoke today! Today is Kimberly’s birthday so I wished her a Happy Birthday and we had our breakfast of granola mixed with protein powder. We have 43 miles to town so we decided to hike 23 miles today and 20 tomorrow. 

We started our day by hiking up to Cispus Pass and the views were breathtaking. It is so nice to have clear skies! I hiked a little ahead of Kimberly today and asked every northbound hiker to tell her Happy Birthday! I think there must have been at least 30 hikers and it was fun hearing them wish her a Happy Birthday. We were hoping to get cell reception today and at every ridge we tried our cell phones but had no luck. 

After Cispus Pass the views ended for awhile and we were back in the green tunnel for most of the day. The trees were incredible and provided us with shade as the morning turned into afternoon. As we got close to camp we could see Mount Adams and came upon a few lava fields. At camp there was a spring that flowed directly from the lava field and the water was ice cold. 

We rinsed our shirts out and set up camp for the night. We were joined by a hiker from Washington DC who was hiking NoBo. She had previously hiked the AT and her trail name was Hard Core. We enjoyed talking with her and learned she was originally from Taiwan and a friend of hers applied for the permits but was unable to get a visa so she decided to hike it by herself. She had quite the sense of humor and we enjoyed talking with her. She was doing 25-30 mile days and was close to finishing he trail. She also shared with us that there was another fire in Washington and the last 100 miles of trail before the Northern Terminus were closed. What a crazy Fire year this has been. We talked till about 8 pm and we all called it a night.

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