Day 119- Lost Lake to Cispus River 2272.9

We woke up at Lost Lake this am and the smoke was gone. The wind must have changed direction last night. This place looked like a different place without the brown smokey haze. The sky was blue and we could see across the valley.

We got moving at about 6:30 determined to get through the trail closure and back to the PCT. The trail was tough but the clear views and blue skies gave us the boost we needed. As we climbed a ridge and came around a bend we got a first class view of Mount Rainier. A short distance later we rejoined the PCT.

We joined the PCT just before a section called the Knifes Edge . It was a 2 mile section of the trail that followed the top of a ridge. Both sides of the trail were sheer cliffs and the views were as good as it gets. Off in the distance we could see the Miriam Fire burning and the smoke being blown away from us. The trail was sketchy here and had lots of loose rock and steep inclines and declines and we took our time as we took in the views.

The trail dropped down the next ridge and became decent again. A few miles down the trail we got a great view of Mount Adams as it towered above us covered in snow. We made our way towards Cispus Pass and found a nice little campsite with amazing views of the ridges around us. As we set up camp we could not believe our luck. What a perfect day to have clear skies.

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