Day 118 – White Pass 2294.9 to Lost Lake

I woke up early and made my way to the porta potties across the street. The Miriam Fire is south of here and there is a camp set up for the fire fighters. The PCT is closed for the next 20 miles so there is an alternate trail that we need to hike to get around the fire. The rumors have been that the alternate is really tough so we decide to bring 4 days of food for the next stretch.

The fire alternate is 3 miles down the road so after we get packed up we try to get a ride there but because it’s so early we have no luck and decide to road walk to the trailhead. It was sketchy walking the narrow two lane mountain road and we try to be as careful as possible. Even when there was a wide shoulder it was unnerving when a big rig would go flying by. The 3 miles couldn’t end fast enough.

My feet are feeling much better today and once we get to the trail I change my socks out and we head off into the wilderness.

The trail is in really poor condition and the map we have for the alternate is a picture we took of one provided by the park service. There is no legend, scale or water information so we have to rely on the info we get from the NoBo hikers. The only problem is everyone had a different description and story to share about the trail. We decide to take it easy and we slowly navigate the rough overgrown trail. After about 2 miles we come to a large stream crossing and we decide to take off our shoes and cross barefoot. The cold water and sharp rocks didn’t feel the best on our soft feet.

Once across the river we continued down the trail. It was tough going and seemed to be going strait up or strait down. At about 3pm we came upon a beautiful lake with really good campsites and decided to camp here. Other hikers told us there was a steep climb back up to the PCT tomorrow and we decided starting fresh in the morning sounded like a good plan.

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