Day 117 – Chinook Pass 2323.8 to White Pass 2294.9

We woke up at about 7am and I took a look at my feet. They were drying up but beginning to form deep cracks in the skin. I headed to the market to see if I could find something to help the cracking. The selection was really limited but they did have a lotion designed for cracks in the skin called “Working Hands”. I figured if it works with cracking on hands it would work for feet. I also picked up an emery board, the kind women use for finger nails.

When I got back to the room I used the emery board to smooth out the rough callous on my heals. I then applied the lotion to my feet. They were still in rough shape and need some healing time so we decided to hitch back to the trail at White Pass. 

We checked out of our room and headed to the Main Street and stuck our thumbs out as cars drove by. A motor home stopped and offered us a ride . They were a couple with their young son and daughter on vacation in the United States. They were from Uruguay and had decent English so we exchanged stories. They have been on vacation for a few months and were headed to Canada to see the Canadian Rockies. They drove us most of the way to the Pass but their turn off was before we got there so they dropped us on the side of the road. It was a bad spot to hitch hike as the cars were just finishing up a turn on the windy mountain road so we walked a bit until it straightened out and there was a shoulder when cars could pull over. Once again we stuck our thumbs out and almost immediately we got a ride from a couple pulling a trailer. They were out camping for the week and took us to White Pass.

We had a resupply package here so we made our way into the only store here and picked up our package. We also checked out the deli in the store and ordered a pizza and sandwich. There was free camping behind the store so we grabbed a spot and spent the day eating and talking with other hikers.

I wore the flip flops after we got here and my feet were starting to feel better. With luck tomorrow I will be good to go.

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