Day 116 – Campsite 2333.8 to Chinook Pass 2323.8

We set the alarm for 5:30 and once again we were hiking by 6:30. It gets light at 5:30 and seems like a natural time to get moving. We have been going to sleep and waking up with the sun. I have not used a headlamp in over a month.

My feet were unusually sore this morning. I think I must have trench foot as my feet have been so wet. My heels both have new blisters and I have a lot of redness by my toes. Every step hurts but we must keep hiking or we will get nowhere.

As the morning progresses we start to run into lots of day hikers and most of them have dogs. We make our way to Sheep Lake and there were about 20 people there. Along with the people there were 6 or 7 dogs swimming in the small lake. We laughed as yesterday we met a thru hiker named Coconut. He shared with us that he was at this lake yesterday and there were a lot of dogs swimming. It’s the only water for 8 miles so he reluctantly filled up his water bottles with the water and he felt like he was drinking dog bath water. We felt the same way about the water but like Coconut we needed the water so we filled up.

When we stopped at the lake I took a look at my sore feet and decided I better get to town to get my socks dry and let my feet heal up. Chinook Pass was only 2 miles from the lake and we would try to get to town from there.

I hobbled the last 2 miles and made it to the trail head. There were lots of cars here so we figured getting a hitch shouldn’t be too tough. There was a troop of Boy Scouts here getting a resupply from a few of their moms. They called us over and shared some fresh beef soup, sandwiches and ice cream with us. We thanked them and started looking for a ride. In about 10 minutes two ladies that were day hiking offered us a ride half way to Packwood where we planned on staying. Per our electronic guide book there was an outfitter there and maybe some new socks and trail shoes for my sore feet.

After a short drive they dropped us off and we started looking for a ride the rest of the way to town. In less than 5 minutes we got a ride from a young couple from Los Angeles. They were on vacation and heading through the town we were trying to get to.

We finally got dropped off at a gas station in town and I hobbled to the hotel down the street. We got a room and I then headed to the outfitter to get some new socks and shoes to wear in town. They were closed and only opened on the weekend. Bummer.

I headed to the hotel and we got showered and got our laundry done. We then headed to the market in town and picked up some drinks and snacks but they had no type of shoes or socks. We dropped the food off at the room and headed to the pizza place for dinner. We saw a small camping store across the street and I checked it out. They had flip flops and I picked up a pair. I figure I can wear them in town and when we are in camp to help keep my feet dry. We headed back across the street and ate dinner. We then headed back to our room for the night.

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