Day 115 – Campsite 2351.7 to Campsite 2333.8

We woke up at 5:30 this am and got moving by 6:15. It was cool this morning and it made the hiking much easier. The trail was soft and wide most of the morning which always helps with our feet. Both of my socks were still damp from the recent storm and I wore the ones that seemed the driest and hung the other pair on my pack. 

We were both quiet this am and hiked while listening to our books on tape to help pass the time. At about 11 am the trail led us to a section of the forest that burned last year. It was depressing to see all the dead trees. Most of them were still standing but enough had fallen across the trail to make it a obstacle course. Some areas of the burn were barren of all life. Other spots had small shoots of green pushing up from the black ash. The forest is already starting over, by next year I bet the forest floor is covered with a blanket of green.

As we hiked on we passed a lot of NoBo hikers. We seem to have met the beginning of the first bubble. As we passed 2 hikers I recognized one of them. It was Carrot Quinn. She wrote a book about the PCT and Kimberly and I had followed her blog as she hiked the PCT and CDT over the last few years. We introduced ourselves and it was fun talking with her. Carrot had written a post about how she run out of water hiking over Fuller Ridge during her first thru hike of the PCT and after Kimberly read the post she now has a fear of running out of water on the trail. Thank you for the inspiring journals of your adventures over the years!

We continued on for a few miles until we came to a spring which was the last water for 8 miles and decided to camp here for the night. About an hour after we got to camp we were joined by Rockslide. We had camped at the same spot last night and she was section hiking Washington and Oregon. 

Rockslide shared with us her story. She has a strong background in Forestry and after college worked for the forest service. She then joined the peace corps and returned during the recession in 2007. She took a job with the Pacific Crest Trail Association and maintained trails as part of a trail crew for a year and a half. She now lives in Portland. It was awesome hearing her story and she sure has spent a lot of time in the wilderness.

We called it a night at 8 pm and enjoyed a cool evening as we drifted to sleep.

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