Day 114 – Campsite 2370.6 to Campsite 2351.7

We woke up about 6 am and it was not raining anymore. I unzipped the tent to take a look outside and it was still misty and wet outside. Everything was drenched except our sleeping bags, food and some of our clothes. We did our best to wring out our socks and got dressed. We were cold and the only way to warm up was to hike.

My pack felt like it was double the weight due to the wet gear. We hiked all morning in light drizzle. We had internet when we were on a ridge and it called for clear skies and sunshine this afternoon. 

At 11:00 am we stopped for lunch and there was a small amount of sunshine so we took off our rain gear and let the sunshine dry off our clothes. The sun’s rays felt great. We ate our lunch of spam and tortillas. As I ate I looked down and noticed wild strawberries growing around us. The fruit was small but they were ripe. I ate a few handfuls and they tasted delicious. We still had a long walk so we got back on the trail by noon.

The afternoon was uneventful as we hiked through the mature fir trees. The sky remained overcast but the thick mist was gone. About a mile from camp the trail guided us to a old burn area that was overgrown with blueberries. They were ripe and we spent the next hour picking and eating as many of them as we could. Our fingers were stained dark purple and we finally headed to camp. 

Our camp for the night was next to a spring and the water was excellent. We set up our tent at a slanted spot under some trees as the other campsites were takes by other hikers. 

2 thoughts on “Day 114 – Campsite 2370.6 to Campsite 2351.7

  1. Wild berries! Yum! We’ve had a little rain in Bridgeport too. I was surprised coming down Kingsbury Grade near South Lake Tahoe a few days ago. Saw a young, fairly small bear crossing the road. Hopefully the wild critters are leaving you alone.

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